Juliette Laracuente Collazo first opened Artist Makeup Academy (AMA) in 2012 with the hope and vision of what it could be. Today, AMA is a powerhouse in the beauty industry and often referred to as “The Business School of Makeup.” Her philosophy is not only to enrich our students’ artistry, but to mold and develop our students to become business-oriented professionals. A makeup school where artists are:


Our educators’ goal is to guide their students to achieve their dream career whether it is to become a freelance makeup artist, a celebrity TV & film makeup artist, owning and developing their own cosmetics brand, or beyond. At AMA, we aspire to create a space where everyone feels accepted and motivated to turn their dreams into a reality.

We invite you to educate, create and evolve together! We look forward to having you be a part of #TheAMAfamily.

Juliette Collazo
CEO / Founder

Dre Hidalgo
AMA Educator

Xio Cammarota
Executive Director

Kylee Ortiz
AMA Educator

Andrea Ventura
AMA Educator

Thynna Wagenblast
AMA Educator